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 GM Application Format

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PostSubject: GM Application Format   GM Application Format EmptyFri Mar 01, 2013 11:38 am

* You need to be atleast 16 years old (If you make us belive that you're mature enough as a 16 year old or more, i'll accept you).
* You need to act proffesional allways.
* You need to respect you're fellow staff members, and do not use swear words.
* You need to speak english fluently. (Other languages are a +)
* If you whisper me in-game or PM me on forums, that will just make you're chances less to become a GM.


Please add for which realm are you applying. (Voidwalker, Astral)

1. What is your name ?

2. How old are you and how mature are you compared to other people the same age as you?.

3. Where in the world are you located and what timezone are you in?

4. What is your main character in-game name?

5. For how long have you been playing Soulshard-wow, and how long have you played the game itself?

6. Have you ever been banned for any reason?

7. How much time would you put into being a member of our Staff? And how much time do you daily spend on WoW? (Be specific please : Day/Time etc.)

8. Do you have a basic base of command knowledge? (TrinityCore based)

9. Do you work well in teams?

10. Explain to us what makes you suitable for the GM position.

11. Why do you want to become a member of our Staff team and what interests you the most about the GM position?

12. What positive additions could you make to the Server/Community, what are your good qualities?

13. What do you think is the most important thing for a GM to do/to be?

14. Are you familiar with the expression "power hungry"? If so, what does this mean to you and what can convince us that you're not that type of person?

15. We require all GM's to act professional at all times, this includes proper spelling and grammar, will this be a problem for you?

16. Fluent languages ?

17. A player makes a ticket repeatedly, you told him to stop making tickets but he keeps going. What do you do?

18. A player made a ticket and he says that he deleted his Shadowmourne and he wants it back, what will you do?

19. Do you have a working microphone ? The decisive step of accepting your application is a live interview over Skype.

Please use this format for a GM application, every other format use will be deleted instantly.


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GM Application Format
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