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PostSubject: Suggestion to Forums   Suggestion to Forums EmptySat Mar 30, 2013 7:31 pm

Hey, I'm quite new around here (No I'm not ingame. ._.) I was thinking of instead of applications, how about Admins take a close look at players who are fit for being a GM, like visualize them when they're online, do they help? Do they follow the rules? Are they active? If they fail any of these, they shouldn't be given the title "Gamemaster"

But for Devs... They can submit applications cause they won't do much stuff ingame like help people out unless it's a known bug, am I right here? Okay, so now you're following me... If a person doesn't want to be a GM but still wants to help, they don't have to become one.

Also you should add a new application format for "Event Masters" these will insure players are having well fun, such as hosting events: Find the Chair somewhere, find the GM... Mazes... Stair Events... Trivia, all these fun things will be nice for players, reward them with Honor if they win an event. It'll help people out. Don't always host the same things, make it randomized.

I play on a server and I'm a trial-GM, I'm begged to make events, I don't hate it because... It makes me feel like they need me to make one. I like helping people, it's what I do. I might be fired soon because... There's rumors going around saying I'm a terrible GM, I have bad ideas, I shouldn't of gotten the title GM, blah blah blah. Just a bunch of retarded stuff. I'm proposing this to you... Do you want more voters, more donators? Well, add in events and also... ARAC! (All Race All Class) I haven't read up on you guys yet... but if you don't have that, I think players will like it. Undead Paladin, Human Shaman! Gnome Hunters! Just amazing choices. ~Syntax Error
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PostSubject: Re: Suggestion to Forums   Suggestion to Forums EmptySat Mar 30, 2013 11:20 pm

Let me just start by saying I don't completely disagree with you.

The point of a GM app is to show how well you answer questions, your spelling, grammar, information about yourself, and so on. "Keeping an eye" on players that may or may not want to be GM is not the best way.. Are you 100% mature when hanging out with friends? Yeah.. that would be a bad first impression.

As for event masters.. that can go either way. I both agree and disagree, not sure where I stand 100% on that.

I guess your right with Devs, but they do come online for many problems such as adding lost gear and such.

I commented on the ARAC, it just wouldn't make sense. Undead Paladin? That contradicts itself.. Just no

Also, as a TGM you are being watched for how you solve tasks, how active you are, if your helping instead of bragging what a GM you are and such.

This is my 2-cents on it, like I said I both agree and disagree on things. But that's just my opinion.
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Suggestion to Forums
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